Brand Identity - Corporate Identity and Brand Value

Companies work hard building the strength of their brands - it is critical to the ongoing brand management process to have meaningful and actionable data-driven measures of these efforts.

Building a brand, cultivating its strengths, pruning its weaknesses, and making it more valuable to its owners is the bottom line job of marketing. Everything marketing does should ultimately work in concert to make a firm's brands more valuable. There are many different tactics and strategies that go into strengthening a brand name: advertising, promotions, public relations, and research and development, to name a few. While companies use these and many other methods to strengthen their brands' positions in increasingly competitive markets, how can they measure the return on this work? More precisely, how can a company determine the worth of one, or any its brands?

Putting the brand to a true test, the company can better judge how much that brand is worth and how much opportunity for improvement might exist.

While the brand strategy defines the message and mission of the brand, which may be a company, product or service, and how it should be perceived, the brand identity translates the strategic vision into a consistent image. A tangible concept that can be accessed through the brand name, the corporate identity and the verbal positioning.

Transported by an outstanding corporate design, an integrated brand identity system enables companies and their products to project their level of quality, reliability and value in the market in a very influential way.

A great brand identity company is a good idea to use because they can work with companies as a full-service agency, on a per project basis, or offers its graphic designers for interim management contracts at their locations abroad. The one-stop consultant can direct the entire brand identity process from strategy, concept, design, implementation to management. Agency services in the field of market identity include competencies such as:

o Brand identity system: directing the entire process from brand positioning, brand personality & associations, brand name to brand logo

o New corporate identity: strategic development and creative design of international corporate images

o Re-branding and re-design of outdated identities, brands and product packages

o Development and implementation of visual identities, brands, logos, iconic labels, ci design manuals, etc.

o Digital corporate identity: transforming static identities to dynamic new media brands

o Global corporate identity/brand management system: from consulting to digital solutions