How to Check the Pulse of Your Brand - Alive and Well?

More than ever, these economic times demand particular attention around your brand. It's a matter of survival and if you're mindful of your Brand Pulse, it'll change your everyday brand
experience and transform your business.

One of the important things to understand about brands is that they are highly personal,
very particular, and need a nurturing hand. Each one of you, as entrepreneurial-driven
business owners are, of course the 'Brand Guardian' of your
brand and, as such, it's important that you're mindful of the
pulse - the current state - of your brand.

Consider, for example, that brands have preferences.Brands prefer being ON the radar
screen versus sitting in the dark. Brands prefer being vibrant
and alive versus being bland. Get the idea?

So here's your Brand-Pulse CheckList. Check your response to each statement below. If you can NOD YES to each
one, you can assume your brand is healthy, alive and growing,
hopefully, booming! If not, you might want to think carefully
about nurturing your brand a little more, and dedicating some
real time to making sure your brand's vital signs are in good
shape, and as truly aligned with YOU as possible!

Here goes. Just ask yourself: Can you say YOUR brand fits each
description below?

1. All good brands prefer feeling vital, alive, significant and
meaningful. YES/NO

You'd be surprised at how many entrepreneurial business owners
are NOT paying enough attention to their brand, let alone
whether it's working in their favor or not. Is it expanding as
your business grows? Totally aligned with your offer,
deliverables? If your brand is lacking luster or has no real
sense of energy, this could be the time to pay some serious
attention here. Then watch the response from your target

2. All good brands prefer taking the front seat position. YES/NO

The favorite position for brands is high visibility: Up There &
Out There. Shining Bright. Shining Big. Standing out. Soaring.
Flourishing. In fact, the more attention your brand gets, the
better it is for your business. And, if your brand is
catapulting into new stratospheres way above the competition,
then you know you're onto a good thing for your business and
your bottom line. Congratulations!

3. All good brands deserve the best. Your best. YES/NO

Brands don't like to appear bland. If you're tired of the way
your branding and marketing collateral looks/feels online or
offline, then you can be pretty sure that your brand is
communicating the same bland message to your target audience.
This is a sign your brand is in deep trouble.

4. All good brands prefer to excel. YES/NO

Brands are ambitious. They like to show off a little/a lot to
the world, show that they can be the best they can be. They
don't like appearing to be apologetic, insincere, uninspiring,
insecure or inauthentic. They like to show VALUE, purpose and
meaning, and that they bring great benefit, prestige and
visibility to all your clients. Think about how to make your
brand stand tall above the rest, stand out and allow a little
pride into your brand language and visual culture. Watch what

5. All good brands adore passion and excitement. YES/NO

When your clients see your brand marketing materials or
product, does it make their heart beat a little faster? Are
they getting that gut feeling that yes, you are the ONLY and
best person to be working with? If your Brand Story and Visual
Identity (= words + pictures) reflect your passion, desire and
personality, your brand is going to hit home, big time. You'll
get the idea when your phone starts ringing off the hook.

How did your brand pulse score? If you've discovered it's time
to pay more attention to your brand, then think about crafting a powerful Brand
Story and Visual Culture so you land a sweet spot on the New
Brand Landscape in 21C AND soar above the competition.